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By keeping your administrative records “up to date”, you can assess your financial situation at any time, making it easier for you to take decisions about your business. It gives you the  information you need to conduct your affairs.

* Do you want ‘external’ bookkeeping?
We can process your accounting documents quickly and efficiently. If you wish, we can supply in addition to the annual financial statements interim quarterly and/or even monthly figures.

* Or would you prefer ‘internal’ bookkeeping?
In that case, we can assist you at your location. If you prefer, we can help you to run your accounting software program or offer temporary support if your usual bookkeeper is ill or unavailable. We could help you to implement a new or as yet to be chosen accounting software program, or advise you on the various accounting software programs available, free of obligation.

* Credit management *
Monitoring your unpaid sales invoices (credit-management) is essential to the continuation of  any company or organisation and can potentially yield great improvements in flexibility (liquidity) when it functions well. Upon request, we can assist you (temporarily if  you wish) for example, if you have large outstanding customer amounts. If necessary, we can also advise you on extra structural measures.

Of course, if you prefer to outsource, we offer an effective credit management service.