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Our main financial administration activities are conducted using interconnected and computerised processes that enable us to provide maximum efficiency and quality.

We aim to ensure that once financial administrative data has been entered it does not, in most cases, have to be re-entered again. Once we have access to the available figures, we can take further steps to process them using interconnected software and supplementing them where necessary.

To do this, we use business software from AccountView, linked to professional software from Elsevier Fiscaal and, of course, various software applications for reporting to our clients, the Dutch tax office, the Dutch chamber of commerce, etc.


                              Interim figures                             


If you need interim figures, either for yourself, for your bank or to obtain finance, we can provide them.

The management information provided by the interim report and financial overviews will give you a clear picture of financial status whenever you need it, either for yourself or if it is required by financial institutions.

This also enables you to make adjustments to your business plan during the current financial year, if need be.

Subscribing to a viewing facility for “TMC Online” financial administration (from € 12.50 per month, excl. Btw) allows you to follow your interim figures online, 7 days a week. For more information click on online administration or in the top bar.


                              Annual Accounts                             


 Our annual financial reports can be drawn up for a sole trader business, a partnership under common firm (VOF), a private limited company (BV), a foundation, or for disclosure documents for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. All these report models comply with the legal requirements of Book 2, Title 9 of the Dutch Civil Code and the Dutch National Standards for Annual Reports.The annual report close a company’s financial year and provide an annual (standard) overview of a company’s financial situation.
The annual report consist of: the balance sheet on 31 December, the profit and loss account (also known as the income statement), an explanation of the annual report and an explanation of the profit and loss account and appendices, including an annual review of the fixed assets, annual statement of the Dutch turnover tax (Btw), etc.Naturally, more overviews and/or detailed statements will be added if your business is run as a private limited company (BV).
We can also assist you, with your agreement, with the filing of mandatory (limited) annual reports for your private limited company (BV) at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.