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TMC provides “financial administrative services, an administration office with online accounting and tax and business advice” to clients in the following professional and corporate sectors:


Architects & building consultants

Interior design architects

Artists (visual)

Internet shops

Audio & visual services for congresses and meetings

Interpreters and/or translators, general and legal

Cement flooring (exclusive)

IT / ICT specialist infrastructure

Child daycare (operation)

IT specialist (Windows)

Communication consultant

Management company BV

Corporate coaching

Management consultants (local and regional government)

Day-care centre (operation)

Management, interim

Dental laboratory

Office management

Event centre (meetings, party)

Pension specialist, interim

Fitness, sport & personal trainer

Plumbers and central heating specialists

Gardener company

Refrigeration (assembly & installation)

Graphic designer

Sole proprietor businesses

Holding company BV

Trading company (national and international)

Insurance specialist, interim

Video promotion productions (companies and individuals)


Is your type of company or sector not on this list yet?

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