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                    Starters & other TMC services                     



At TMC, those starting up their own business are assured of our special attention and support. It is essential for starters to have their administration (bookkeeping, invoicing, receivables, etc) on a sound footing from the outset. They need to understand clearly what is possible and what is not.

With an efficient system for administration in place, a clear picture can be achieved of the new business from the start, and additional support can be made available as necessary.      Building an effective administration system on a solid foundation from the start will prevent a host of potential problems from ever occurring in the future.

Other TMC services

* Backlog in administration
* Falling behind in communication with the Dutch tax office
* Arrears in communication with the UWV (Employee Social Insurance Agency)

TMC has amassed a wealth of experience in helping sole proprietors business and large and small companies to deal competently with arrears in their administration and/or bookkeeping.

We have also been able to retrospectively re-structure and tidy up several years of administration for various businesses and organisations; some of them recently. We work in close communication with the Dutch tax office and, if necessary with the UWV. Naturally, any such process is implemented in consultation with the client.