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                               Dutch tax returns                              

The Dutch tax regulations are subject to regular changes and revisions, and so most of our clients prefer to leave the complex task of dealing with tax returns to us.
We can assist you with the compilation and completion of the following returns:

Dutch Turnover tax (Btw):
digital returns, monthly quarterly or yearly, any necessary supplementary Btw returns, financial entity, etc.
Intra-community transactions and/or services* (ICP): digital monthly, quarterly or yearly returns  ICP (Intra-Community Performance) (* services new from 2010.)
Salary / wage tax (LH): digital monthly returns.
Corporation tax (Vpb): digital annual returns, non-fiscal entities, fiscal entities, digital declaration of assessments for limited companies, etc.

Income tax (IB) 1: digital personal tax returns, digital income tax returns for self-employed persons on the basis of approved annual accounts, digital assessment for the self employed, etc.
Income tax (IB) 2: your annual tax return must be with the tax office before April 1. We can compile a draft tax return for your approval on the basis of your submitted documents (see ** below).

** On the basis of, among others: annual statements of  income, applicable pensions/benefits, annual statements for bank accounts or savings and investments, property values, mortgage statements, etc.


                                      Tax advice                                     


We can assist and support you in all your dealings with the Dutch tax office (de Belastingdienst).

In addition to standard tax returns, we can assist with the filling in of various forms from the tax office, such as registration of new businesses, employer’s salary registration, the Declaration of Independent Contractor Status (VAR), application for status as a fiscal entity for Btw purposes and/ or corporation tax (Vpb), etc.

Completion of periodic CBS statistics returns.

All other communications with the tax office, such as the compilation of appeals and sundry correspondence.

Independent expert opinion: if your financial affairs are particularly complex, we can offer you the opportunity to seek the opinion of a tax specialist and/or a tax lawyer. For example with regard to: the new Btw regulations starting 2010,  the financial and tax structure for of one or more private limited companies, matters concerning of a sole proprietor business company (IB) towards a limited company or not, the various possibilities with regard to the Director/Principal Shareholder (DGA), personal pension management, etc.